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Are you in the market for a new blender? Whether you’re looking for a high-powered option to make smoothies and soups, or something more basic for light blending tasks, we can help. We’ve reviewed all the best blender brands to help you choose the one that’s perfect for your needs.

No matter what your blendability needs may be, we’ve got you covered. With options from top brands like Vitamix, Braun, Ninja and Blendtec, you’re sure to find the perfect blender for your home. So get ready to experience the incredible benefits of blending with one of these top-quality machines!

Hamilton Beach blender
There is a strong chance you own something made by Hamilton Beach. Hamilton Beach Blenders are just some of the small kitchen appliances this iconic brand manufactures. According to the company, they sell around 35 million kitchen appliances, each year! Hamilton Beach primarily sells standard countertop blenders, with varying
Dualit blenders
Cuisinart blenders
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Breville blenders
The Breville Blender line uses an innovative design that is unique to other blenders. Within the Iconic Breville die cast design an innovative hemisphere blade system reshapes the bottom of the traditionally squared-off blender carafe into a bowl. Assisted by four serrated central blades and 2 wider wing-style blades
Braun blenders
Braun Blenders as a product line almost seems like an afterthought for a company whose fortune and fame was founded on radio manufacturing, electric shavers and high fidelity record players. Indeed, their product lines range from oral care and hygiene to clocks, irons and you guessed it – blenders!
blendtec blenders
The Blendtec blender means business. If you come across a blender with the Blendtec brand name, rest assured that blender is on top of its game. Need to find a way to puree things like almonds, flax seed, kale and other hard to mix ingredients into your favorite healthy

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